Liisa Peisto

I came to Broken Hill 13 years ago as part of a spiritual migration; to study, to learn and to find peace within the vast expanse of the inland. For many years community engagement was at the heart of my art practice, to give back, through capacity building workshops in screen-printing and design. I am now focusing on my own work again.  

My art making process is an exploration of the symbolic language of pattern and its ability to represent the infinite universe. To investigate and attempt to understand the role of the human being within this universe. The medium of screen-printing enables this exploration as it contains the ability to layer, repeat, flip and mirror, and to play with the building blocks of our visual understanding. Through my practice of Sufi philosophy, my work is part of a greater spiritual quest, navigating and representing internal, psychological and spiritual landscapes through printmaking. I incorporate rhythmic patterns that evoke sacred geometry. My art attempts to reflect spiritual truths—unity, inner peace, and divine connection. Incorporating Sufi-inspired motifs, I weave patterns with print, layering and over printing. This process is cathartic and reflective, at times ordered and at other times expressive.           

Liisa Peisto
The Ten Thousand Rising & Falling Things #2
Screenprint on Canson Paper
54 cm x 66 cm


Liisa Peisto
The Peaks are Densely Clustered
Screenprint on Canson Paper
26 cm x 28.5 cm

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