Kathy Graham

Kathy Graham is an accomplished artist whose work has undergone a captivating evolution over the years. Initially drawn to clay and employing primitive techniques such as using a kick wheel and primitive firing methods, Graham's early artistic endeavors showcased her innate talent and passion for the medium. In the 2000s, she embarked on a new artistic journey, shifting her focus to intricate and detailed works using ink and graphite.  

In more recent times, Graham has revisited her roots in clay, embarking on a profound exploration of its inherent strength and organic nature, intertwining it with the art of weaving. This amalgamation of materials and techniques has allowed her to create unique and compelling artworks that embody both resilience and natural beauty.  

Graham's artwork has found recognition throughout the Western Region of NSW, Sydney, and Adelaide. Her pieces have been displayed in various exhibitions and is found in private collections worldwide. Notably, her work has been selected as finalists in esteemed art prizes, affirming her skill and artistic vision.  

Beyond her personal artistic pursuits, Graham has dedicated herself to fostering the growth of a vibrant art industry in Western NSW. Since the late 2000s, she has been actively engaged in conducting workshops, promoting artists and events, and advocating for the development of an Aboriginal art industry in the region. Her endeavors have taken her to regional and remote communities, including Wilcannia, Menindee, Broken Hill, Wentworth, and Tibooburra, where she delivers artistic and professional workshops, organizes exhibitions, and provides vital support and advocacy for Aboriginal artists.  

Residing in Broken Hill, Kathy Graham has become an integral part of the local art scene. She has been involved in several art organizations, including the Broken Hill Potter's Society, the Broken Hill Print Collective, and West Darling Arts. In recent years, Graham's artistic direction has shifted as she pursued further education. She recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Art through Curtin University in Western Australia, expanding her knowledge and enriching her artistic practice. 

Kathy Graham
Pastel, charcoal, chalk, and graphite on paper
102 cm x 134 cm (framed)

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