Asma d. Mather

Asma d. Mather is an interdisciplinary artist working through research contemplation and drawing who lives and works on Wilyakali lands in Broken Hill. Her work focuses on the relationship of language, land and the intangible as a site to explore the Intelligence - the heart - as it seeks to understand complex social, ecological and cosmological structures and to live in harmony with the Laws of the Land.  

Asma’s work visualises ethereal systems and maps constellations between idea and geography, often focussing on the work of Sufi teachers Ibn al’Arabi and F.A Ali ElSenossi and the discussion of the relationship between the Visible world, the Imaginal world and the Unseen, dark matter and its relationship to the 4% of what we do see.   

The unseen traditionally holds the inward meaning of something, such as consciousness in relation to the body perhaps. As it is invisible it can be forgotten,like forgetting about the open sky in the city.  One cannot simply decide this meaning (projection) rather it is found. It is discovered through tracks and traces. Asma sees art as a site of concentration and of knowledge finding, and as such relates to the tradition of the Natural Philosopher, a description of a complete physics/metaphysics.   

Asma d. Mather
From what the River knows (the day we saw the fish floating gasping in the realm of cause and effect), the Darling Baarka viewed from Lake Pamamaroo.
Dry point, etching dry pigment, caligo etching ink, hahnmuhle paper
58 cm x 88 cm

Asma d. Mather
From What The River Knows (contemplation)
Copper plate etching
76 cm x 59 cm

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