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Bill Finney + the White Cliffs Solar Station

White Cliffs was full of energy on Easter Saturday with an event to celebrate the contribution of Bill Finney to the White Cliffs Solar Power Station. Bill Finney was charged with running the station, when a mate tossed him the keys to the station to look after for a bit — and never came back. Bill (Skinny) Finney (b.1929) is a retired New Zealand engineer who serviced, maintained and operated the world’s first solar power station from 1984 - 1994. A big crowd of visitors and locals saw Bill unveil the commemorative plaque and later launch his book of memoirs.
The White Cliffs Solar Project generated electricity from sunlight and was arguably the first commercial solar power station in the World. The station, which was constructed in 1981 by a team at the Australian National University and was operational until December 2004, was developed by the late Broken Hillite,Professor Stephen Kaneff.
The White Cliffs Solar Power Station Years is available to be mailed within Australia, for a minimum donation of $15 which includes postage. Contact the secretary@mailcan.com for details.

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