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Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin, a landscape painter based in Broken Hill, who operates a gallery called Bush and Beyond, with partner, Ian Lewis.

"As a landscape artist my inspiration comes from my surroundings and nature, so what better place to be than Broken Hill. You can drive for 10 minutes in any direction and be out there in the the bush with its wide open vistas, huge skies, stunning colours and amazing light ..subjects everywhere !

My parents introduced me to the outback at a early age. Most of our holidays were spent camping on the banks of the Darling river. I remember fondly sleeping on camp stretchers in an old faded large tent which was prone to collapse on occasions. I loved seeing the large Easter moon, the stars at night, hearing the sounds of birds first thing in the morning and my parents and friends singing songs around the campfire. Still to this day when I hear those old songs it triggers a memory of those happy times.

This is where my fondness for our landscape started , and it has grown with me. Forty three years ago after many years of doodling, I finally put paint to canvas to capture these feelings, and here i am today still with that passion and desire, and very happy to call Broken Hill home.

During this time of the Corona virus mother nature has made some changes out there . The precious water is back flowing in the river, bringing lots of life with it, and the rain has transformed the country side. When it is permitted I look forward to getting back out there and taking it all in."

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