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Kevin 'Bushy' White

Kevin 'Bushy' White was born in Broken hill, in the Far West of NSW, in 1943 and spent 26 years working on the local mines, experiencing mining , comradeship with mates and being surrounded by the magnificent minerals that are only found under the ‘hill’. Sadly, Bushy passed away in Sept 2021.
Bushy used the unique minerals of Broken Hill to create artworks by crushing them up and applying to a board using several types of glue. His subject was local history: beautiful buildings; 72 pubs; churches and the mines. 
In 1984, Bushy was given some mine timber and used this to build White’s Mineral Art and Living Mine Museum in Broken Hill. Bushy’s mineral paintings are complimented with many rare mining artefacts, underground memorabilia and models of mine sites.
(Kevin Bushy White publication).
Bushy’s Museum is complimented by his wife Betty’s Doll and Bear Museum.
Some of Bushy’s pallet included: gypsum, galena, feldspar, pyrite, kaolin, opal, petrified wood, granite, beryl, garnet,  and gypsum.
White’s Mineral Art and Living mining Museum
1 Allendale St 
Broken hill
Open daily from 10
08-8087 2878

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