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Cindy Bates

Cindy is a Barkindji artist who lives in Menindee She was a student of art teacher Geoff Demain, who taught a Broken Hill TAFE Outreach Course in Menindee in the early 2000s. She learnt ceramic techniques from him. Recently, with Barbara Quayle and Cheryl Blore, Cindy has been painting protest signs about the river in Menindee. Originally painted for the River Rally on the 3rd March 2019, the signs operate as art activism in action, creating visibility for both the community and the environment. Cindy's work was exhibited in the Baaka Stories Exhibition at West Darling Arts in 2019. She will be exhibiting at Artstate Wagga, Regional Arts Conference with Cheryl Blore and Barbara Quayle in November 2020.

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