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The Broken Hill Synagogue of the Outback Museum

The Broken Hill Synagogue of the Outback Museum warmly invite the public to a Bench Naming Dedication Ceremony on Sunday morning 13 August at 10.30am. The ceremony is to remember the remarkable Broken Hill Jewish Community from the 1880s-1960s. A choral presentation will be given by Broken Hill Community Voices at the event. The museum is one of the most remote Jewish museums in the world, with its Synagogue reminding us of the evolution of the Jewish community in regional Australia. ID: Margaret Price, Coordinator of the Synagogue of the Outback, with the benches to be dedicated. Learn more about the Museum here: https://brokenhillhistoricalsociety.com/.../synagogue-of.../ Address: 165 Wolfram St, Broken Hill The museum is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm, or by appointment with the Synagogue Museum’s Coordinator, Margaret Price. You can contact the Coordinator to make an appointment via:Telephone 08 8088 7448 Mobile 0439 680 944 Email margaret_price@hotmail.com.au ????Kelly Leonard

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