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Little Wing Puppets

The Owl’s Apprentice
Little Wing Puppets
After a fantastic tour to the West Darling in 2021, Little Wing Puppets are swooping back out west, bringing with them their
new show, The Owl’s Apprentice, supported by the NSW Government’s Regional Arts Touring Program.
Sunday 26 June, 5:30pm
The Palace Broken Hill
227 Argent St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Bookings: (08) 8088 1699
Monday 27 June, 10am
Theatre 44
189 Wills St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Tickets: $15 for adult and child, $10 single tickets
Owl’s aren’t born wise you know, they have to learn it from somewhere. A young owl named Poot Poot is sent to study at Owl school. On his journey he meets an Echidna, a Wombat, a Kookaburra, a Lyrebird, a Kangaroo and a Platypus who each share with him their own kind special kind of wisdom. But will he pass the final test and become wise enough to save the forest? The Owl’s Apprentice is an interactive show for families combining shadow puppetry and physical comedy.
A puppeteer of more than twenty years, Jenny Ellis, weaves the whole tale together with a single set of hands, often playing
multiple characters at once. Jenny has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Puppetry from the Victorian College of the Arts, and has
performed hundreds of shows in numerous festivals, theatres and country halls in every state and territory of Australia, as well
as overseas.
Jenny Ellis, Artistic Director of Little Wing Puppets, said,
“We are thrilled to be returning to Broken Hill. We believe that young people deserve equal access to the arts, wherever they
live. We have demonstrated that with over 16 years on the road, taking shows to some of Australia’s most remote communities.
We know that we can help shape young people’s lives by igniting their imaginations. In a time when there is so much time spent
on screens, the simplicity of puppet theatre still retains a sense of magic. It’s amazing to hear a room full of children gasping
and exploding into laughter over the antics of a puppet on stage. It’s still able to captivate their imaginations.”
For further information contact:
Jenny Ellis
Artistic Director and Performer – Little Wing Puppets
0408 808 699
Facebook @littlewingpuppets
Photo by Anand Kumar

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