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COVID Development Grants

Looking ahead!
Applications for COVID Development Grants are open from Create NSW
Individuals + Groups up to $5,000
Organisations up to $10,000
These grants aim to:
+ Provide targeted support to individuals and groups in the ‘small-to-medium’ sector in NSW in recognition of their role as important generators of cultural and artistic activity and crucial employers of artists across the state.
+ Mitigate the impact of disruption on the development of new works and collaborations by the small-to-medium sector in NSW
Improve working conditions and opportunities for individuals who are suffering loss of income and opportunities, requiring targeted support as part of the economic recovery in NSW.
+ Create greater sustainability for generating revenue and income in the cultural and creative sectors to build resilience against future shocks.
What can I apply for?
Funding is available for:
+ Creation, development and presentation of new works
Employment of artists or arts/culture workers
+ Skills development or training specific to your career, a project or initiative such as digital-upskilling
+ Marketing, fundraising and promotional costs
+ Workshops and other public programs
If you are a small community organisation who has already received funding through Rescue and Restart you will need to contact Create NSW before applying:
Mon – Wed: Kartika Suharto-Martin on Kartika.Suharto-Martin@create.nsw.gov.au
Wed – Fri: Nick Santoro on Nick.Santoro@create.nsw.gov.au+

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