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Regional Arts NSW announce RAF Project Grants opening 12 July!
Regional Arts NSW is excited to announce that Regional Arts Fund (RAF) Project Grants are opening on 12 July at 9:00am and will close on Monday, 23 August at 5:00pm.
The Regional Arts Fund aims to meet the strategic priorities to support and promote participation in, and access to, arts and culture in regional, rural and remote Australia. This is done by providing funding that encourages sustainable economic, social and cultural development in regional communities.
The Project Grants will fund high-quality arts projects benefitting regional or remote artists, arts workers, audiences and communities. The focus of the project could include any area of creative practice, multiple artforms or cross-disciplinary practice.
Similar to the Quick Grants there have been many changes to the program, so please take your time to read the guidelines!
The maximum amount available to be applied for is $30,000, you must discuss with the RANSW Grants Manager if you are applying for amounts over $20,000. You can also apply for a multi-year grant for a maximum of two years to support the development and delivery of a single project across financial years with a maximum of 30,000 per year.

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