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New Appointment To Our Board

New Appointment To Our Board
West Darling Arts is thrilled to announce the appointment of Barkindji Elder, Cheryl Blore to our Board. Cheryl has been a passionate advocate for Aboriginal art and culture in the Far West and further afield for many years. Cheryl currently works as a Coordinator for the River Rangers in Menindee, looking after the health of the Baaka/Darling River. Previously, she assisted Rick Ball, the art teacher at the Menindee School in the art department. She has exhibited her art in Menindee, Broken Hill and in Wagga Wagga NSW. Cheryl participated in the Artstate Wagga 2020 Regional Arts NSW Conference with Menindee Barkindji artists, Cindy Bates and Barb Quayle, speaking on a arts program panel about the impact of the mass fish kills and water issues for communities living along the Baaka/Darling River. We are proud to have both Cheryl and Barbara Quayle on our Board - two strong, Aboriginal women.

Image: L to R Barbara Quayle, Cheryl Blore and Cindy Bates at Artstate Wagga Wagga

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