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West Darling Arts is very excited to announce Live Music Month which will see 14 local bands and solo musicians perform in 14 venues in Broken Hill and Silverton.
The music acts include the Figs, Smoke and Mirrors, Fire Bucket, Aimee Volkofsky and more. Venues are comprised of the many of the clubs and pubs that are known for supporting live music, but there are also some less conventional venues such as Bell’s Milk Bar, the GeoCentre and Broken Earth Café.
Most of the performances are free and we would love to see the town come out and support live music, the musicians and venues by coming and seeing an act or two (or more!)
Follow us on Facebook for the latest news that comes to hand and check out the Barrier Truth this Saturday for a detailed lineup.
This micro-festival was made possible by an Arts Restart Grant from the NSW Government through Create NSW.
When: from the 23rd of April to the 16th of May
Where: Lots of different places!
Stay tuned to our social media as we release details!
(Image: Smoke & Mirrors performing at the Life Drawing - Live Music nights held at theThe Old Brewery Broken Hill, also supported by Arts Restart Funding)

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