Amanda Johnson

Amanda is a self-taught artist, a mother and grandmother, a wife, a fourth generation Broken Hill local, a small business owner, a volunteer and an ambassador for Lifeline Regional SA and Far West NSW, though the order of all that changes depending on the occasion. Mostly though, she loves her family and her hometown of Broken Hill, and everything else stems from there.  

Following five years as Payroll Officer at the South Mine in Broken Hill, Amanda’s creativity led her to opening her own ceramic teaching studio. From there it was a progression of both artistic style and workspace until she arrived at her current atelier of Willy Nilly Art. Housed in a Heritage building in Broken Hill’s main street, WNA is a working studio, gallery and retail space where everyone is welcome to browse, buy or just stop for a chat.  

Amanda’s latest and largest creative endeavour has been the design and creation of a mural on behalf of the CWA. A year into painting, the expansive artwork follows the local branch of the organisation’s progress through the last one hundred years of operation and is situated in the main street of Broken Hill.   

Amanda Johnson
Peas & Lilies On Blue Ombre
Acrylic on canvas
61 cm x 76 cm

Amanda Johnson
Out for A Ride
Acrylic on canvas
35.5cm x 46cm

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