About Us

West Darling Arts is one of 14 Regional Arts Development Organisations in New South Wales, servicing the three local government areas of Broken Hill, Central Darling Shire and Wentworth Shire, as well as the Western Unincorporated Area. The region covers over 178,000 km2 and has a population of around 28,000.  

As an organisation, we believe that arts and culture are integral to the vitality and development of our communities and it is our mission to foster the appreciation and participation of all creative arts in the Far West NSW region.  

We are supported by Regional Arts NSW and provided core funding by Create NSW.  

About Us

Our Board

Our Board is resilient, enthusiastic and committed to see the growth of arts and culture in our region. Individually, our members all contribute specialised expertise to ensure the success of our organisation’s ability to reach its strategic goals.

Chair: Kathy Graham

Secretary: Darren Parker

Board Members: Robyn Taylor, Jess Picken, Jason King, Marion Browne

Our Staff

Cathy Farry - Executive Director 

Jo Crase - Project Officer

Kelly Leonard - Communications Officer 

Penny Smith - Bookkeeper and HR 

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