Mad Max 2: 40th Anniversary

Mad Max 2: 40th Anniversary

This event itself is ???????????????? although there will be entry costs to the Mad Max 2 Museum and a contribution to the local aboriginal community to visit the Pinnacles. Camping fees and accommodation costs will apply. The event will be based on private property in Silverton but will encompass Silverton and Broken Hill. This is an interactive themed event and we encourage participants to get involved as much as possible with costumes, vehicles and their campgrounds. The location is a short walk to the museum and the pub and will feature a recreation of the compound from Mad Max 2. The Mad Max 2 Museum and the Silverton Collective have enjoyed a rich history over the years and we are excited to share it with you.
The Compound Location is a short distance from both Penrose Park and the Youth hostel. A small fee will be required if camping at the Compound. There is no electricity at the Compound and no Dogs are allowed as there is stock present. If you wish to camp near the compound, we are emphasising themed camps and vehicles. The rule of thumb is, if it fits into the background of a mad max film (2, 3 or 4) and not look out of place, its the right aesthetic. There will be a separate area for parking and regular camps. We want to have an immersive space for photos and filming that isn't spoiled by a modern vehicle. Please feel free to contact Steve Scholz on Facebook or 0401307450 to discuss your ideas. Otherwise the campgrounds at Penrose Park with showers and electricity can be booked or space will be available at the Youth Hostel. 
While our emphasis is on Mad Max 2, we welcome all parts of the Franchise. 
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(Image Mad Max Museum Silverton)

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