Asma d. Mather: between Silence and the Symphony

Asma d. Mather: between Silence and the Symphony

Asma is a Broken Hill based artist working mainly in the mediums of drawing and printmaking.

Her work approaches a meeting point between geography and metaphysics, with a view of synthesising multiple viewpoints. Recently she has been exploring the writings of Ibn al-'Arabi and his discussion of an intermediate zone, accessed through an imaginal faculty 'the eye (intellect) of the heart', a perception known to traditional societies.

Asma has a background in literature(BA), Fine art, Art and Environment (Masters), Sufism and Martial arts. She has participated in many group shows and a number of solo shows. Her work is held in private and one public collection. 

Asma writes on the exhibition:

'Here we are looking at an intermediate state between two things. The Barzakh (isthmus) is what is in-between. It is both yet is neither. It is a mediator. A meeting place. The Balance. To enter there is a narrow gate. The aperture is the intellect in the heart. The barzakh between the heavens and the earth, is sometimes called the imaginal world. It is here that that earth comes to life and the language of Nature is read and understood. Here, from rocks, the water springs forth.

These perhaps are some of the journey songs.' (BHRAG text  - image Gleams 2)

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