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Graeme Armstrong

Graeme  trained at RMIT in Melbourne in the 1980s and works mainly on portraiture in digital media and is now exploring the wet plate Colloidal process. He received First Prize in the Desert Equinox Environmental Art Awards 2019. Graeme was a finalist for the Pro Hart Outback Art Prize 2020 for 'Running Man 2'.

Graeme explains the Collodian photographic technique:

'The process was invented in the 1850's; the image is captured on a hard plate, ie if using tin plate, it is termed 'tintype'. Today most people use aluminium or glass. Collodian emulsion is poured onto the plate which is then sensitised to light in a silver nitrate dish. The plate is then quickly transferred to the camera, the picture taken and developed and fixed. As the name suggests, it must be done while the emulsion is still wet so haste is required. The film sped is about ISO=1 so even in bright sunlight, exposures are slow'.

More information: www.graemearmstrongphotography.com.au

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