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Volunteer Museum Grant Program for 2022.

Volunteer Museum Grant Program for 2022. Funded by the NSW Government through Create NSW and administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW, the program is designed to provide access to funding, in addition to providing experience in the grant application process. Grants available in Round 1 are: Small Grants Up to $2,000 for short-term, collection-based projects. There are no set categories for funding and applications for a broad range of projects will be considered. Skills Development Grants Up to $4000 for the development and delivery of skill development training and networking events. The events are expected to involve more than one museum and usually bring in a professional consultant to run one or a series of workshops. Applications accepted until funding expended. Leg Up Grants Matched funding of $50 – $500 for volunteers to attend or host development activities in NSW. The grants can cover the cost of attending a workshop, conference or course, bringing a presenter to your museum or the travel costs of a group of volunteers visiting another museum. Applications accepted until funding expended. For more information about the Volunteer Museum Grants program contact our Museum Coordinator on 0411 742 665 or alicen@mgnsw.org.au. Find out more about M&G NSW’s grants programs https://mgnsw.org.au/.../volunteer-museum-grants-open-2022/ Image : Baker's Cart Broken Hill Synagogue

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