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United We Stand

‘United We Stand’, a play regularly bringing Broken Hill’s fascinating history to life, is getting a bit of a facelift.
Its new iteration – ‘United We Stand: Strikes Scabs and Solidarity’ – is now gathering steam, after a bit of a slow start due to COVID lockdowns.
Costumes and props are being sought from the community in the form of everything from bonnets, belts, buttons, brooches and boxing gloves, to irons, canvasses, flags, bags and kerosine tins.
Performances are held weekly at the State heritage listed Broken Hill Trades Hall.
Thanks to a Community Engagement Grant from the NSW Government, the team are recreating mock graves and costumes from the historical lockout of 1909 as part of the performances.
They are also developing a series of short films and postcards, and intend to stage an exhibition of the show’s costumes and props.
The project is a key part of broader initiatives to develop a suite of heritage tourism ventures and products to promote the area’s heritage and to develop a ‘cache’ of sets and props for use in the wider community.
Photograph courtesy Jason King Media 

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