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Art + Culture Maps Hit the Road!

Art + Culture Maps Hit the Road!
West Darling Arts is excited to launch the Art + Culture Maps to coincide with the re-opening of NSW in the coming months. Previous maps showing the galleries and museums in the area were a great success with business owners, volunteers and tourists alike, and it was a perfect opportunity to do more with the Arts Restart Funding that West Darling Arts received at the start of the year.
Two maps have been developed - the first is of Broken Hill and Silverton, and the other one covers the other towns of the region including Wentworth, Menindee, Wilcannia, Tibooburra and everywhere in-between.
Each map shows the location and contacts (where relevant) for the galleries, museums, public art and other points of cultural interest, and take the form of paper maps and online versions on the West Darling Arts website.
These maps are aimed at visitors to the region to help them engage more fully with the unique arts and culture of the Far West. Now with lockdown over and visitors expected soon, it is a perfect to lauch them. Whilst we made every effort to be as accurate as possible, mistakes and omissions are more than possible, and we are keen to hear from everyone to help keep our information updated and current. It is hoped that we will be able to source more funding in the future that will enable us to update and reprint the paper maps every couple of years.
The maps are available from the Broken Hill Visitor's Information Centre and the Broken Hill Gallery pop-up shop in the town square. Let us know if you would like to stock the maps and we will get out and about to distribute more.
For more information contact West Darling Art's Executive Director, Cathy Farry on 0487 903 507

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