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Planning your 2021?

Are you an artist starting to plan your 2021 and need a head-start? Now is the time to start a plan of action. Art business is part and parcel of art making and part of being an artist. It is also called doing the 'art hustle'. Ask any professional artist and they will tell you a large proportion of their time is spent chasing opportunities, grants, residencies and connections as well as selling their art if that is what they choose to do.
Check out these resources from Creative+Business that can help you with the business of art-making.. There is a very good one-page business plan that is really recommended to use to map your capacity and goals here: https://creativeplusbusiness.com/resources/
They also offer coaching about your art business.
Another resource worth checking out is Business Connect. Business Connect are a government service that offer some free advice and coaching sessions and we really recommend people book in to discuss grants, professional development and business plans https://www.business.nsw.gov.au/support.../businessconnect
(image: Kelly Leonard)

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