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Opportunity - young storytellers Due 9 October

Ghostly tales and grizzly stories inspired by the dark rumours, handed down histories and local hearsay that springs from each of their hometowns.
Matriark Theatre is looking for a team of young storytellers from across the state to help us create this terrifying podcast.
Successful applicants will attend a workshop program and receive mentorship from writer and storyteller extraordinaire Phil Spencer (ABC Radio Fictions, Story Club).
The chosen stories will be professionally produced and recorded as a part of the Eerie Street podcast series.
This is a unique opportunity for young storytellers to develop their skills and connect with like-minded young people from across NSW. We are particularly keen on hearing from regional and rural young storytellers.
Send us your application with the following information:
Name, age, location in NSW
Tell us your about favourite podcast, and why you love it
How would you benefit from being in the program?
An eerie story about the place where you live/ have lived
The application should only be 2 pages in length.
Applications close 9th October.
Send your applications to info@matriarktheatre.com

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