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Shane Vink

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Shane Vink is an award winning Australian artist based in Broken Hill New South Wales who is totally inspired by the stunning outback region, where he uses his evolving colourist/expressionist techniques to endeavour to capture the feeling of pure serenity, freedom and wide open space in many of his paintings. Vink’s work is very popular and sought after by collectors and art lovers world-wide, he has had and continues to have solo exhibitions in many countries which are always a great success.

Vink is originally from Melbourne where he did a certificate of applied art at Prahran College of art and design, a graphic design background is evident with the simple purity of composition and balance in much of his work, using his self-taught layering colourist techniques we can see his dreamy, whimsical paintings continually evolve. Shane continues to immerse himself in his art and is constantly dreaming of the next painting.

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