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Cheryl Blore

Cheryl is a Barkindji artist living in Menindee. She was employed at the Menindee School for many years and used to attend the art classes with the students learning from Rick Ball, the art teacher. With her sister, Cindi Bates and Barbara Quayle, Cheryl has been painting protest signs about the river in Menindee.

Cheryl: ’It is frustrating, sad and hurtful to see the river like this; the water is our blood, and without water we die. If our land is sick, then we are sick. The health of the river impacts on our mental health and on our elders. The fight will go on’.

Cheryl exhibited work in the Baaka Stories Exhibition at West Darling Arts in 2019 and will be exhibiting work at Artstate Wagga in November 2020 with Barbara Quayle and Cindy Bates.

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