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Vale Kevin Bushy White

Vale Kevin Bushy White
It is with much sadness we have learnt of the recent passing of local legend, Kevin Bushy White. Our condolences to his wife, Betty, with whom Bushy ran the White’s Mineral Art and Living mining Museum and Doll Museum in Broken Hill.
Kevin Bushy White was born in Broken Hill in 1943. After a number of jobs in the bush, Bushy joined the Zinc Corporation as a miner. It was during this time, that Bushy realised his artistic dream and created his first mineral art work ‘Cats on a Cushion’. From there, he has created over 1,400 mineral artworks with various themes including pubs, churches, mining and the history of Broken Hill. Kevin’s inspiration was multifaceted. While working on the mines, he was intrigued by the huge variety of naturally occurring minerals, more specifically, their colours. Although this played a big part in inspiring Bushy to work with minerals, growing up as part of a mining town and the history that surrounded Broken Hill, Bushy wanted to encapsulate it in a new and meaningful way. And what better way, than to display pictures of the history of Broken Hill and its mining in naturally occurring minerals.
As Bushy’s works became more detailed and intricate, so did his inspiration to continue his artistic adventure. Bushy’s mates who worked with him day by day, encouraged him and continued to support his new venture. As Bushy’s artwork became known around town, Bushy became inspired to build his museum so all people would be able to visit a mine, without having to actually go down one. So, Bushy set off and built a museum based on the old mining technique of using timber stopes.
Apart from being inspired to create this artwork, Bushy was motivated by the unique history, Broken Hill had to offer. As Bushy’s talent soared, so did the outpourings to the community. Bushy’s pictures can be seen throughout Broken Hill, in pubs and clubs that he has specifically commissioned. Bushy has given artworks to the Royal Flying Doctors, Police Boys Club, Port Pirie Smelters and Bemix. Bushy has had his work displayed at the Tourist Information Centre, and various exhibitions around town. Bushy also has completed a number of works for relatives of deceased miners, miners who lost their lives on the mines. Bushy also has his name imprinted on the ‘Walk of Fame’ in Argent Street in Broken Hill.

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