Creativity has been a lifelong engagement: manipulating paper, wool, cloth, string and copper; learning dance and singing. I have designed, built and renovated homes and gardens; designed and made jewellery; written poetry; made wine and liqueurs; developed personalised perfumes with natural oils; and experimented with various visual mediums. Appreciation of artisan’s skills at markets and art galleries over 3 decades, with inspiration from books, media, nature and travel, all fed my desire to create.

The creation of art is to connect on a deep level with self and others, to revisit another time or place, to evoke a desire or hope for the future, and to give a gift which may calm and reinvigorate. Art is an expression of my inner journey; an intellectual and emotional communication.

I lived north of Sydney until moving to Broken Hill as a health worker in 2010. Whilst visiting the numerous art galleries and exhibitions I was actively encouraged to try painting. Landscapes, seascapes, portraiture, still life and abstracted reality have provided rich fields to explore. Jenny Cattonar has been a very influential mentor: inspiring, encouraging, and extending my skills in oil and acrylics. Being a member of Gaara Arts has been fun; a supportive and talented group of women. Moving to Adelaide in 2015 has furthered my visual education and skill development. Engaging with other artists has been rewarding socially and creatively.

The interaction of intellectual pursuit and emotional response, the creative endeavour for pleasure, and the surprised satisfaction when a work is complete, despite the struggle in resolving all the areas of skill and requirements in a work, is enormously gratifying.

Providing joy and wonderment for others brings a great sense of achievement. Observing people’s reactions to different subjects, colours, and styles of art has been fascinating.

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