About West Darling Arts

West Darling Arts is focussed on promotion and support in the development of arts and cultural practices and to foster and enhance the capacity of arts and cultural organisations and to play a leading arts advocacy role.

WDA fosters and enhances the capacity of  our region communities for sustainable, self-determined cultural development through collaboration with its stakeholders in the delivery of programs, services and projects in 5 key areas; capacity, advocacy, communications, network support and governance.


About The Region

Four Communities hubs make up the Central Darling shire, Menindee is 115 kms

Southeast of Broken Hill, Another 210 km Dirt road brings you to Ivanhoe

To the east 210 km Wilcannia with the population of Indigenous peoples in the region.

To the north east 300km is the town of White Cliffs

Wentworth Shire to the south has five communities, Wentworth being the hub (265km) on the confluence of the Darling and Murry rivers with Dareton, Gol Gol, Buronga, and Pooncarie north of Wentworth, mostly Accessed by dirt roads.


Cherry Pratt

RADO (Regional Arts Development Officer)

Cherry joined the WDA Admin team in January 2015. Since then she has passionately represented The organisation and artists in the West Darling region. her achievements include: achievement 1, achievement 2, and acheivement 3.

Marion Browne

RAB Deputy Chair

Marion joined the West Darling Arts, Regional Arts Board (RAB) in September 2014. She is a Councilor of the Broken Hill City Council where she also is a regional Arts Board representative. Her interests include Multi Art Forms.

Dennis Standly

RAB Boardmember

Dennis joined the RAB in 2013. He is a Councilor for West Darling shire Council, and a Regional Arts Board Representative with Central Shire Council. His interests include Multi Art Forms.

Kathy Graham

Aboriginal Arts officer

Kathy joined the team in xyz and has been developing and advocating for Aboriginal artists across the entire region. some of her main achievements include, achievement a, achievement b and achievement c.

Mandy Nelson

RAB Treasurer

Mandy joined the West Darling Arts, Regional Arts Board (RAB) in March 2015. She is a business owner and member of the Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce. Her interests include Museums & Collections.

Ellen Day

RAB Boardmember

Ellen joined RAB in June 2015. She works for the Department of Primary industries as Rural Support Counselor. Interests include MuliArtforms

Catherine Farry

RAB Chair

Cathy joined the West Darling Arts, Regional Arts board (RAB) in July 2014. She is a professional Artist as well as the CEO of the Far West Community Legal Centre. Her interests include Visual Arts, the Creative Industries & Performing Arts

Robin Taylor

RAB Boardmember

Robin joined the West Darling Arts, Regional Arts Board (RAB) in 2012. She is a practicing Artist, Vice Chair of Willyama Arts Society, and President of Gara Art. Her interests include Visual Arts.

Paul Bennett

RAB Boardmember

Paul joined RAB in August 2015. Broken Hill Department of Rural Health Sydney University. His interests include writing, visual arts, and student culture.

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